Benefits of our tour
Professional team

Our team includes professional tour guides, historians by training with many years of experience. Moreover, they are all spiritual Christians. Most of them serve as regular pioneers.

Enriches Bible Study

Our tours help enhance the understanding of God’s Word, the Bible. You will explore the historical background of biblical accounts and get a deeper insight into illustrations of that time.

Panoramas 360°

Panoramic images give an opportunity to look around the places in detail under 360° angle, which creates the effect of presence.

Rome in the footsteps of Paul
This is a virtual journey to the ancient city of Rome, where the Apostle Paul was under house arrest.

On this tour, we will look at irrefutable evidence that the Bible is accurate. We learn a lot about app. Paul while he was in Rome. We will see what the Appian Way looks like now, see the place where the brothers from Rome met Paul, as well as many ancient buildings in Rome that Paul could see.
Ephesus in the footsteps of Paul
We invite you to get acquainted with the ancient city of Ephesus, where the Apostle Paul stayed during his missionary travels.

On this tour you will learn what the first Christians had to deal with in Ephesus.

You will also have a deeper understanding of the illustrative examples written by an. Paul in his epistles. For example, what is a cloud of witnesses? How to understand that sin entangles? What a perishable wreath and many others.
Life in the days of the first Christians
This virtual tour will help you imagine yourself as 1st century missionaries.
On this excursion we will see in what conditions people of different classes lived. What they ate, how they dressed.

We will visit ancient houses of the 1st century, well preserved to this day, we will see exquisite household items.